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The "Bibizian" pattern.

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Модель: The "Bibizian" pattern.
Наличие: Есть в наличии
Размер: до 15 см
Цвет: белый/бежевый,красный/оранжевый,коричневый,другой
Инструменты: крючок
Сложность: средней сложности
Материалы: пряжа гладкая,пряжа фактурная
I bring to your attention the author's master class on crocheting a cute and cozy monkey Bibi Zyan.
Bibi-Ziang is compact enough: its height is about 13 cm, so it can easily find a place on your desktop or bookshelf. And on the eve of the monkey year, will become a wonderful gift to relatives, friends or co-workers.
The master class consists of 35 pages, contains a detailed description of the process, photographs of step-by-step manufacturing, assembly of parts and decoration of the toy.
The master class does not contain lessons on knitting and can be used by craftsmen with certain skills in crochet.
Difficulty: medium.