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Christmas balls of freeforms.

400.00 руб.
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Модель: Christmas balls of freeforms.
Наличие: Есть в наличии
Размер: до 15 см
Цвет: белый/бежевый,голубой/синий,розовый,желтый,другой
Инструменты: крючок
Сложность: сложная
Материалы: пряжа гладкая
Dear needlewomen, I propose to bring in the New Year a drop of luxury and creativity - to decorate Christmas balls with beads and freform. It sounds beautiful and looks beautiful!
Look at what happened to me. I'm sure, and you can do it!
In my master class, I not only painted every step and every loop, but it was also supplemented with graphical schemes and photographs.
All calculations are made for balls with a diameter of 6 cm.
The master class consists of 38 pages, contains a detailed description of the process, 20 graphic schemes, 100 photos of step-by-step manufacturing, assembly and decoration of Christmas balls.
The master class does not contain lessons on knitting and can be used by craftsmen with certain skills in crochet.
The level of difficulty is above average.
This master class is intended only for private use, can not be used for commercial purposes, can not be published without agreement with the author, can not be transferred for use to others.
Pleasant knitting!